Dojo-In-A-Box board breaking game is the most fun and greatest action-packed martial art game ever. Unlock unbelievable power using the same martial art techniques taught in dojos around the world.

Turn the Monkey loose! Go wild…it’s the game that’s meant to be broken.

Any number of players can play. Smash your way to the top of your tribe with explosive fun, strategy and power. Spin the wheel, pick your board color and strength, and break using real martial arts techniques in the included instructional manual. Break the harder board, score the higher points.

  • Fast, Fun Action
  • Real Martial Arts Breaking Techniques
  • Boards Reassemble in Seconds
  • Skill-building Fun for Everyone

Easy to learn, exciting, and different every game. Use full power punches and kicks. Build skills and confidence. The more you play, the stronger you get, and the better you score. Challenge all your friends, punch and kick your way to the top, and you will obtain The Master’s Secret.