Tournament Pro

Pull back the veil on centuries of closely-guarded secret martial arts knowledge with this powerful board-breaking game.

Players must combine strategy, skill, and strength to see who is the true MASTER. Smart beginners can beat skilled Black Belts.

Spin the Strike Spinner and break one, two, or even three boards at once using REAL martial art techniques!

Includes a professional and versatile Board Holder that Mounts on Floor, Wall, Heavy Bag, Fences, and more.

A Board Holder helps beginners develop their skill and allows experts to push their limits.

  • 4 Levels of Play for Fast, Fun Action
  • Real Martial Arts Breaking Techniques
  • Boards Reassemble in Seconds
  • Skill-building fun for everyone

Four exciting and challenging levels: Monkey, Cobra, Tiger, and Dragon

20 different martial art strikes to use in the provided Game manual.